Info is a new Motion & Creative studio founded in 2016 by Tommie Geraedts. Natural aesthetics, strong ideas and high-end execution: We believe visual content should speak directly to an audience through the application of these 3 principles.

We have a strong passion for developing animated and live-action projects for film, television and advertising. Where these worlds collide we feel the most excited and we are internationally acclaimed for our design and visual effects work. We are based in Amsterdam.

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visit: Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 59, Amsterdam
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Brothers & Sons

Online film // Design & Direction

Studio Reel

May we have 90 seconds of your time?

Einstein's Light

Feature Film opening titles // Concept, Design and Direction

The Oasis of Matisse

TV Commercial // Concept, Direction & Compositing

Munch : van Gogh

TV Commercial // Concept, Direction & VFX


Dance-Opera Film // Lead Design & VFX


Short film // Lead Design & VFX